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Additional Trainings

Relational Mindfulness Meditation

This training begins with simple mindfulness meditation, instruction and practice.  Mindfulness is based in unconditional acceptance mixed with kindness.  Relational Mindfulness Meditation unconditionally receives another with empathy and unconditionally expresses your self with congruence. We will have opportunities to. practice, watch, discuss and receive Relational Mindfulness Meditation.

This training is a one day training whose practice is greatly deepened by a second day.

Body Centred Listening

This training helps the participant learn to listen to another using their whole body.  We learn become aware of how our body responds to the thoughts, feelings and experience of another.

Participants will have an opportunity to practice, debrief, to be heard and to hear another.  Attention will be paid the chakras and the information they hold for us.

This training is typically one day,

Understanding Somatic Release

This workshop is co-facilitated with a somatic release, movement and breath work expert.  We will initially touch on Polyvagal Theory, the ideas of somatic release until we have a simple yet useful understanding.  We will then move into simple body movement techniques to increase energy and blood flow in the body.  Finally we will have some very simple practices that give us a gentle experience of both holding and releasing tension in the body.

This training is usually a half day, but could be longer.

The Support Sequence

A Money Saver

The Support Sequence is a very simple flow of ideas to follow when supporting a client and finding resources with them.  It is so simple and obvious it will leave you wondering why you didn't;t think of this, and why you haven't been doing this since you started your career.  that was exactly how I felt when it was introduced to me!

This workshop is usually a half day or less.

From Outcomes to Ideas

This workshop helps the participant develop outcomes that matter to the client, are based in the clients wishes, and have the longest lasting effect with the least amount of drama.  This is a person centred thinking workshop that focusses specifically on developing outcomes.

This workshop is usually a half day.

Empathy ​in a Group Setting

This training builds participant skill in using Empathy in a Group setting. Group Settings include Therapy Groups, Psycho-Educational Groups, Community Programs, Staff meetings, Board meetings and Professional Facilitation.

We will define and explore the 5 different forms of empathy that can be used in a group setting. This will be followed by a demonstration and time to practice during simulation exercises.

This training is one or two days long.

Professional Training Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

* Recommended Max Group size for alll workshops is 12.



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