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Psycho-educational Groups

If your agency is wants to run a psycho-educational group, look no further! 

True Listening can provide the facilitator and the program.

Anger Management

 We can create a program that fits your needs. Glenn has provided anger management for Youth, Men, Women and Mixed Groups. 

COST- $125 per hour of programming, plus 30 minutes set up time and 30 minutes clean up time. 


True Strength (for Men)

* All Group Counselling Programs are billed at $125 per hour including a 30 minute set up time and a 30 minute clean up time.This group helps men look for ways to stop using violent behaviour in their relationships. We will look at Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Psychological Abuse, and Financial Abuse to see where these behaviours might be coming from, and what we can do differently.

We will look at ways of moving from trying to control things outside of us (family, partner, friends, the environment and the world) to learning how to control what is inside ourselves. It is inside ourselves that we find our TRUE STRENGTH! It is inside of ourselves that we suffer, it is inside ourselves that we need to heal, and it is inside ourselves that we change. When we change what is inside of ourselves everything outside of ourselves looks different, feels different, and we are able to make different choices. When we change inside of ourselves, we are then able to build lives and relationships based on our TRUE STRENGTH.

You can join The TRUE STRENGTH Men’s Group and learn to tame the fire within so that you don’t have to live without.

This Group runs for 6 sessions and is 2 hours long per session.

COST- $2250

Peaceful Connections (for Couples)

We all want it but it can be hard to find, and even harder to hold on to. This group is for couples looking to have more peace in their relationship with less yelling, fighting, blaming, and violence. This group will look at how one's attachment style, past trauma's, and life's current challenges can lead to overwhelm and desperation.

During this 8 week program, we will look at ways of soothing ourselves and regaining our personal sense of power which will enable us to re-establish and maintain a peaceful connection with our partners and our families.

This Group runs for 8 sessions and is 2 hours long per session.

COST- $3,000

Father Group (for Men)

I have specialized in helping men learn to be more nurturing and emotionally intelligent in their interactions within their families. This enables them to be more involved and less absent! Session length and duration of sessions is open to discussion.

COST- $125 per hour of programming, plus 30 minutes set up time and 30 minutes clean up time. 

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