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Keynote Address

True Listening Glenn Schroeder Keynote Speaker Radical Congruence

Radical Congruence

An idea whose time has come.

Congruence started as a therapeutic corner stone of Person Centred Therapy shortly after World War Two. Now 75 years later congruence is an idea rarely discussed, if ever. It is so common for those in the helping field to diminish the part of therapy that is most directly related to them. Since COVID has given a chance for people to figure out what feels right for them professionally, many not wanting to leave their families to join the rat race, being true to yourself has been ushered in as the next big wave of thought. For helpers such as me, this means it is time to explore RADICAL CONGRUENCE! Radical Congruence is not just about being true to yourself, or being true to others, it is about being true to your connection.  Radical Congruence is being true to that which is literally US! The truth of us, more profound than anything!

More Keynote Addresses

I have been public speaking since I was 19 years old.  I have listed some of the topics that I am able to address below. 

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